Friday, October 7, 2016

What I Look For When Buying a Vintage Tin Box

I look for three things when I purchase a vintage tin box:

The design is of course the first thing that determines whether or not I want a tin box in my collection. My only criteria is-  do I like it or not.

Can I remove the lid?
I never buy a tin box without testing whether or not the lid comes off. Sometimes the lid will have rusted shut - or be REALLY hard to get off. It would be like buying one shoe. It may be pretty but the functionality has completely gone.

I never buy tin boxes or cans that have a bad odor. Coffee and tea smells are okay - as is a smell of sweetness from the home baked cookies they once contained. Other than that - no thank you. Although decorative I want to be able to use the tins boxes as the containers they are.

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